Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hurra for 17. mai!

The 17th of may is the norwegian constitution day! Rahda celebrates with a red, white and blue transmog - just like the norwegian flag!

Rahda is wearing:
Head - Starfire Tiara, no longer obtainable
Shoulders - Consortium Mantle, BoE world drop
Chest - Azure Silk Vest, BoE crafted by tailors
Bracers - Earthmender's Bracer of Shattering, BoP quest reward (Escape from Coilskar Cistern)
Hands - Bloody Surgeon's Mitts, BoP boss drop (Broggok in The Blood Furnace Normal)
Waist - Captain Sanders' Sash, BoP quest reward (Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure)
Legs - Simple Kilt, BoE crafted by tailors
Staff - Staff of the Unknown Road, BoP quest reward (Chief Ukorz Sandscalp)
Wand - Star Shooter, BoP quest reward (ALLIANCE: Heartfelt Appreciation). 
Wand - Nub's Wand, BoP quest reward (HORDE: The Gilneas Liberation Front)
Off-hand - Lordaeron Medical Guide, BoP boss drop (Lieutenant Drake in Old Hillsbrad Foothills)

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