Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hurra for 17. mai!

The 17th of may is the norwegian constitution day! Rahda celebrates with a red, white and blue transmog - just like the norwegian flag!

Rahda is wearing:
Head - Starfire Tiara, no longer obtainable
Shoulders - Consortium Mantle, BoE world drop
Chest - Azure Silk Vest, BoE crafted by tailors
Bracers - Earthmender's Bracer of Shattering, BoP quest reward (Escape from Coilskar Cistern)
Hands - Bloody Surgeon's Mitts, BoP boss drop (Broggok in The Blood Furnace Normal)
Waist - Captain Sanders' Sash, BoP quest reward (Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure)
Legs - Simple Kilt, BoE crafted by tailors
Staff - Staff of the Unknown Road, BoP quest reward (Chief Ukorz Sandscalp)
Wand - Star Shooter, BoP quest reward (ALLIANCE: Heartfelt Appreciation). 
Wand - Nub's Wand, BoP quest reward (HORDE: The Gilneas Liberation Front)
Off-hand - Lordaeron Medical Guide, BoP boss drop (Lieutenant Drake in Old Hillsbrad Foothills)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yo Ho! A pirate's life!

I originally made this set for pirate's day in September, but a computer crash and a lot of other stuff going on has hold up my blogging, but better late than not at all, ey? I mean Arrrgh!

What I really like about this set is that it is in a little different color scheme than what you usually see in a pirate transmog, and it is rather easy to obtain as almost all items are BoE world drops, especially if your server has an active Auction House.

Rahda is wearing:
Head - First Mate Hat, BoE world drop
Shoulders - Shadow Council Mantle, BoE world drop
Chest - Mystic's Wrap, BoE world drop
Back - Arakkoa Sage's Shawl, quest reward (Veil Shalas: Signal Fires)
Bracers - Mystic's Bracelets, BoE world drop
Hands - Sage's Gloves, BoE world drop
Waist - Nightwind Belt, BoE sold by different vendors available for both factions
Legs - Astralaan Pants, BoE world drop
Feet - Buccaneer's Boots, BoE world drop
Dagger - Finkle's Skinner, which is no longer obtainable, but there are many daggers with the same model (here)
Off-hand - Accountant's Lantern, ALLIANCE only quest reward (the mosshide job), but there are many options for HORDE too, like the Light-Imbued Lantern which is a quest reward from Turning Yourself in

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Electric black & purple cloth set

For some reason I really like making transmog sets with pants rather than with robes/dresses. This set is no exception, it is build around these absolutely amazing pants, Pontiff's Pantaloons of Prophecy, which I fell in love with the first time I saw them! The pants are a part of the recolored Vestments of Transcendence set (recolored version of the tier 2 raid set for priests), that drops in different Burning Crusade Heroics. I ended up using most items from this set, with just a few adjustments. The chest piece I have used, Soulcloth Vest is made by tailors from a rather rare recipe, I looked in the AH with no luck and I was sure that this was the one piece that would stop the collecting of this set. I was saved by a kind and very helpful guild mate, that actually could craft me this, I'm so lucky! <3

Rahda is wearing:
Head - Scintillating Headdress of Second Sight, BoP drop from Shirrak the Dead Watcher in HC Auchenai Crypts
Shoulders - Vestia's Pauldrons of Inner Grace, BoP drop from Cache of the Legion in N/HC The Mechanar
Chest - Soulcloth Vest, BoE made with tailoring
Shirt - Stylish Black Shirt, sold by the alliance vendor Lisbeth Schneider in Stormwind City
Bracers - Light Scribe Bands, BoP drop from Reinforced Fel Iron Chest in HC Hellfire Ramparts
Hands - Black Mageweave Gloves, BoE made with tailoring
Waist - Cord of Belief, BoP drop from Mennu the Betrayer in HC Slave Pens
Legs - Pontiff's Pantaloons of Prophecy, BoP drop from Captain Skarloc in HC Old Hillsbrad Foothills
Feet - Spider Silk Slippers, BoE made with tailoring (or any other piece that don't show)
Staff - Crystalfire Staff, BoP drop from Omor the Unscarred in N Hellfire Ramparts


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Skeleton Huntress

When Ahdri tamed Loque'nahak, I knew I had to make a lighter/white transmog for her. I had already started to work on this transmog for a Skeleton Huntress theme, so it is not completely matching the great spirit beast, but close enough for now. Ahdri is also acompanied by her Cogblade Raptor, White Polar Bear and Albino Drake!

Ahdri is wearing:
Head - Horned Viking Helmet, BoP drop from Eric "The Swift" in Uldaman
Shoulders- Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards, BoP drop from The Curator in Karazhan
Chest - Polished Jazeraint Armor, BoE world drop
Bracers - Impenetrable Bindings, BoE world drop
Hands - Wasteland Chain Gauntles, bought from Pandaria vendors Len at Arms or Supplier Xin
Waist - Champion's Girdle, BoE world drop
Legs - Impenetrable Legguards, BoE world drop
Feet - Sentry's Slippers, BoE world drop
Bow - Charmed Ancient Bone Bow, Binds to Account, bought from vendors

Alternative pieces:
Shoulders - Scorpid-Sting Mantle and Sundered Spaulders
Chest - Champion's Armor
Hands - Impenetrable Gauntles
Waist - Bonelink Belt
Bow - Steelhawk Crossbow

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nature's child

This is the transmog set my druid Audumbla is wearing in the characters page:

Head - Headdress of the Verdant Circle, quest reward (the Breath of Cenarius, DRUID only) - there is an option for non-druids aswel, the green Crown of the Forest Lord (drops in the Underbog)
Shoulders - Cenarion Spaulders, drops from Baron Geddon in Molten Core, DRUID only - again there is an option for non-druids, the yellow Mantle of Autumn (drops in the Botanica)
Chest - Archer's Jerkin, BoE world drop
Hands - Ahn'kahar Handwraps, drops from Elder Nadox in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
Waist - Belt of Beginnings, quest reward (Cities in Dust, HORDE only) - the quest reward Belt of Refuge is an option for Alliance players
Legs - Dervish Leggings, BoE world drop
Feet - Colossal Treads, quest reward (the Fledgling Colossus)
Staff - Wildfury Greatstaff, BoP drop from Serpentshrine Cavern

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Strange World; The Demon Barber of Stormwind?

Did you ever watch the brilliant Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Bareber of Fleet Street? Did you know that you can find him in Stormwind too? Just visit the Stormvind barbershop, everything seems pretty normal at first sight, but if you sneak around a little, you'll maybe discover the barbers secret...

Stormvind barbershop, it's a shame Genevieve doesn't sell pies...

 The barber Jelinek Sharpshear

 Amazing details, as always, who doesn't get inspired by a woman's haircut on a male goblins head?

 I love the goblin haircut poster on the wall! Oooh, I wonder where those stairs lead?

 Still looks pretty normal

And there it is, the barbers secret, makes me just a little bit uncomfortable...

There have been made some changes to the barber of Stormwind over the years, before the Cataclysm, he was actually a goblin, not a gnome as he is now, and his name was Sween Neetod, in the WotLK beta, but it was changed to Jelinek Sharpshear, unknown why.