Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Hallows End!

Being one of my all time favorite holidays, both IRL and in WoW, I thought Hallows End would be the perfect time for me to start up this little blog project.
I'm starting off with a little bit of bragging, with my gorgeus Headless Horseman Mount, which I got at Hallows End last year. It is such a treat, and I've been riding him this whole year, and I'll probably carry on next year aswel.
I'll start with the Hallows End outfit, this is my first attempt on putting together an outfit at all, and with a little bit of effort and some unintended luck, I think it works pretty good.

First of all I needed a witch hat! The easiest would have been to purchase a Violet Hat from Chameli Banaphash in Dalaran, but I really wanted a black one with a purple band. And I was delighted when I found out that I hadn't done the quest line that rewards the Faded Wizard Hat yet. Off to Azshara!
I've chosen an easy solution for the pants and jacket, and made myself a Tuxedo Pants and Tuxedo Jacket. I really wanted a purple belt and shirt to match the purple band in the hat, the shirt was easy, but the belt required some research, and the Wizard's Belt was the best sollution I could come up with. It's a shame they are a different shade of purple than the colour of the band in the hat, but all together I'm pretty happy with it.
For shoes I had planned on wearing either Dress Shoes or Recruit's Boots (which I actually traveled to Old Hillsbrad to buy from Thomas Yance) but then these wonderful purple Light-Woven Slippers dropped from Darkweaver Syth when I runned throught Sethekk Halls, and they matched perfectly!

This Eerie Stable Lantern I just HAD to have! I searched for ways to get a lantern and ended up farming the Fel Steeds of Shadowfang Keep (which I really enjoyed, it beeing one of my favourite dungeons). It bugs me that Alliance have an quest that rewards this lantern, I couldn't find a similar Horde quest, anyone else got any tips on that one?

I also really wanted this magical wand, Elementalist Star, and I really wanted the one with the black star! (It's possible to get with a red, yellow, purple and orange/red star aswel) And it showed up in AH not long after I found out about it, but it was a real bummer when I realized that both the star and the lantern are off-hands. Luckily I randomly got this Glorious Scepter - that's got some magic touch to it - to wear alongside the off-hands.
The only thing I feel is missing in this outfit is a pair of gloves, I would really love some tips for some black/white/purple gloves that has a tight fit, if there is any?

And I just have to make a comment on the new pets, TWO new pets! It's just fantastic! And when I saw the Feline Familiar I instantly fell in love! What a genious sweet little companion, one of my favorites already. I'm so happy! <3

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