Friday, July 27, 2012

I can't smell a giant rat

I am of course refering to the achievement I Smell a Giant Rat, and how it's not that easy to get this achievement and pet. As I am leveling up my warlock these days, I've been spending a lot of time in Dalaran (oh how I've missed Dalaran since Cata came out), doing the cooking and fishing dailys among other things. Always when I'm fishing in the sewers I'm hoping to magicaly fish up the Giant Sewer Rat, even though I know there is a really low droprate (about 0,4% chance according to wowhead). So, I'm fishing and fishing...

And fishing, and fishing...

And then I get a bit bored, so how about exploring the Underbelly?

There is so much to see and so many funny details in the sewers of Dalaran, at first I thought maybe talking to some local fishermen could help me fish up that giant rat faster, but there wasn't much help in Angelo Pescatore, other than he could recommend me a drink at the Cantrips & Crows.

So, after a Snowplum Brandy or two, slightly tipsy, I could start my exploring!

Underbelly Croc stares at you hungrily as he licks his chops... Ups, slowly walking the other way...

Oh! Look! Thats the one I want! 

I wonder how she got that thing down here?

Excuse me sir, are you allright? Hello! Hmmm, sleeping it off it seems... This guy had a Kungaloosh or three too many, luckily he can learn you how to make them, if you've been questing in Sholazar Basin and finished The Taste Test quest (the last in a chain of many), this drunken mage offers you the quest Fletcher's Lost and Found, that teaches you how to make Kungaloosh.

Ups! Gone just a bit too far there, the sewers had to end somewhere, right? I'm going back in!
Hmmm, the Black Market seems like a nice place...

I'm NOT fishing that thing up!

Now, this is a interesting guy, Darahir is the only vendor you can buy the Ghostly Skull pet from.

Nice, isn't it?
There are so many curious things down here, lets have a look;

Hmmm, what's this? I can pick it up... Can I just.. Take one?!

Underbelly Elixir, you sure about this? it says.. What could possibly happen if I have a little taste?

Oh, that what happens, lets try another one!

OMG, I'm fat! With a moustache! Hey, wait! +50 fishing bonus, not that bad beeing turned into a Tuskarr after all, back to fishing for that giant rat!

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