Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orc goes belf!

This is actually an old (from when I started up the blogg) project, and I just remembered it today! This was originally gonna be my contribution to a Hallows End costume contest, but I never enetered. I still think the idea is kinda funny, so I found out it's too good to waste. The whole idea is that my orc wants to dress up as an blood elf for Hallows End, as we all know orcs are chubby and not all that feminine, so fitting into a blood elf costume isn't neceserry all that simple...

As you can see I'm showing off a bit here with my Silvermoon-title, my Swift Red Hawkstrider mount (both obtained through the Argent Tournaments in Icecrown) and my Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling, bought from Jilanne in Eversong Woods (she also sells the Silver and Red one).

For the outfit, my beautiful orc shaman wears the whole Sun Cured set; the Sun Cured Boots, Sun Cured Pants, Sun Cured Belt, Sun Cured Vest, Sun Cured Bracers and the Sun Cured Gloves. This set is sold by Jainthess Thelryn at Sunstrider Isle in Eversong Woods. This set is leather but can be worn from level 1!

The back item is either a Shroud of Silvermoon, a Cape of Silvermoon or a Mantle of Silvermoon. They all look the same and can be bought from the Silvermoon Quartermaster Magistrix Nizara in Eversong Woods once exalted with Silvermoon.

The best part of it all is the head; the Blood Elf Bandit Mask, which is a beautiful head piece that only drops from the Blood Elf Bandit on Azuremyst Isle, the starting island of the Draenei. As horde it's quite the adventure to travel there and hunt down the bandit for his mask, it's well worth it as these masks sell for around 800 gold on my server!

Anu belore dela'na

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