Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Character presentation: Audhumbla the Druid

Audhumbla is my gentle and friendly Tauren Druid, she is one of my earliest characters, but have sadly never been on top of the prioroty list. I have always wanted to level her up, but she has kinda fell in between, so I am now so happy that she at least have reached level 80.

Audhumbla is a name with a norse origin, in norse mythology Audhumbla is the primeval cow that exists before the gods and the world itself. She was made out of chaos, when fire and frost met in Ginnungagap (means wide gap), alongside the giant Yme. Audhumbla fed the giant Yme with her milk, but she also gave life to Bure - the father of the norse gods, Æsene - by licking the salty stones of Ginnungagap.

Audhumbla is, as I imagine every Tauren is, gentle, friendly, spiritual, harmonic, hospitable, shy and a bit clumsy. Audhumbla is not an adventurous girl at all, she has not been out questing that much, with help from good friends (boosting and recruit a friend bonuses) she have managed to gain great respect in the horde anyway, and have now reached level 80.

What Audhumbla really is, is a hard working girl, still in love with her home land Mulgore and Thunder Bluff. She started out as a Skinner and an Inscriptor, but beeing such a working bee, and having so many good friends that are both traveling adventurers and Herbalists and Miners, she choosed to give up her Skinning and start as an Jewelcrafter alongside her Inscription work. She loves crafting, and tend both her proffesions well, making great items and some money for not only herself but also for her guildmates and friends.

Audhumbla is a well fitted druid, taking her personality in consideration. She have although been struggeling to find her right path as a druid, she have tried out all the three arts of druidism; Balance, Feral Combat and Restoration. Even though she loves the shape shifting, she is currently studying the arts of Balance, and seems to have found her right place for now.

Fishing up Old Crafty waaay before she got the 25 fish achievement. 


Born: probably january 2009
Reached level 80: 19. august 2012
Companions owned: 32
Favorite companion: Mr. Wiggles
Mounts owned: 10
Favorite mount: Flightform
Proffesions: Inscription and Jewelcrafting
Favorite zone: Mulgore
Number of deaths: 30
Number of hugs: 14
Number of quests completed: 343
Total factions encountered: 28
Factions at exalted: 0
Biggest idol: Cairne Bloodhoof RIP

Audhumbla is wearing:
Head - Headdress of the Green Circle - obtained from a lvl 50 druid quest - druid quest
Shoulder - Gorat's Bequest - obtained from a horde Ashenvale quest - Ashenvale quest
Chest - Willow Robe - BoE world drop
Wrist - Cenarion Bracers - BoE Molten Core drop
Waist - Fine Leather Belt - BoE, Leatherworking
Staff - Staff of the Verdant Circle - obtained from a lvl 20 druid quest - druid quest

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