Monday, January 21, 2013

Character presentation: Niht the Mage

Niht is my rude and sassy Night Elf Mage, she's alot of fun but kinda naughty! If I would ever be any good at PvP (which I am NOT), Niht would be the first in line to anoy fellow players. I mostly play horde characters, but I can't help my self to sometimes roll an alliance character or two ;) Niht is not the first alliance char I've played, but she is my first (and only) mage, and I absolutly love her! I am not that thrilled about Night Elves, but a mage Night Elf was so new and exciting, and she looks awesome, right?!

Niht is the name of the norse female giant Natt (Night) in continental germanic mythology. She was set to ride the skies on her horse Rimfakse to make it nighttime, as Dag (Day) was set to ride his horse Skinfakse to make it daytime. She is also said to be the grandmother of Thor the thunder god. Just to summon up; the character is from norse mythology but the name is a variation found in continental germanic mythology.

Niht on the Purple Riding Nether Ray (originally obtained by my main character)

Niht has always been kind of a loner, she seems to always be adventuring the world alone, and I think she is kinda happy with this arrangement, maybe this is the reason for her lack of people skills? Niht is a tailor and a herbalist, selling the herbs to make a living and tailoring for her more artistic side, she tends all her proffesions wel, although she is more of a living on the road person.

Beeing a Night Elf and choosing the magical way of beeing a mage, makes Niht kind of an rebel, but she has always loved studying the arcane magic.

Never had a haircut (Shave and a Haircut)
Obtaining the Jeweled Fishing Pole from a fishing daily, when she really doesn't do fishing dailys that often


Born: probably february 2011
Reached level 60: 31. august 2012
Favorite companion: Nether Ray Fry/Kirin Tor Familiar
Favorite mount: Swift Stormsaber/Purple Riding Nether Ray/Blue Dragonhawk
Proffesions: Tailoring and Herbalism
Favorite zone: Western Plaguelands (after the plague was gone ofc)
Food eaten most: Gooey Spider Cake
Different beverages consumed: 3
Number of deaths: 26
Number of hugs: 0
Number of quests completed: 368
Total factions encountered: 18
Factions at exalted: 0
Biggest idol: Hani Foonmall in the web comic Beyond the Three

Niht is wearing:
Head - Consortium Hood (not shown) - BoE world drop
Shoulder - Consortium Mantle - BoE world drop
Chest - Consortium Robe - BoE world drop
Back - Silky Velvet Cloak - BoE world drop
Hands - Starfire Gloves - BoE world drop
Waist - Caravan Sash - obtained from a Eastern Plaguelands quest, A Gift for Fiona
Feet - Red Woolen Boots - BoE, Tailoring
Staff - Chillwind Staff - obtained from an alliance Western Plaguelands quest, Alas, Andorhal
Off-hand - Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias - obtained from an alliance Redridge Mountains quest, An Unwelcome Guest

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