Sunday, January 20, 2013

War Paint Mail

I've been collecting some item sets, and I'd like to show them off, starting with this black and red one - the War Paint Mail set. I think it looks very good, here shown by Ahdri the Hunter

This set is all mail and have a level range from 16 to 23, the items are BoE, random world drops (all green quality), so the easiest way to get them is to go shopping at the Auction House. It shouldn't be that hard to find them at the AH considering their low level range. I would like to recommend the addon Auctionator, as it enables you to create shoping lists which make it so much easier to hunt for specific items over time.

(Shield - War Paint Shield - not shown here)

In this last picture I have added some items to make the set look a bit more complete.
Head - Felstone Helm - BoE world drop, check the AH, requires lvl 58
Shoulder - Ravager's Mantle - BoE world drop, requires lvl 38
Crossbow - Sinewed Crossbow - BoE world drop, requires lvl 70

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