Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Character presentation: Skadd the Shaman

Skadd is my very first character in World of Warcraft, and she is still my main character, Skadd is the one I do everything with, and the one I do everything first with! When I first started playing, it was somehow obvious to me that I should play horde (my sister and her fiance also played horde, but I didn't feel any obligation to follow them, I just knew horde was it!). After plenty of reading, thinking and consideration I decided to try out a Orc Shaman, as both the race and class were those which felt closest to me and my personality.

I knew I wanted a strong and good, norse name for my character, as it is my heritage and I have always cared and known a great deal about both norse mythology and the lives and ways of the vikings. Female norse names is sadly not of the plenty, so I was so pleased when I decided on Skade (Skadi). Skade is really the daughter of the jotun (norse giant) Tjatse, but she married the norse god Njord, as a compentation on the murder of her father. She is counted as a åsynje (norse godess) and the godess of skiing, winter, hunting and earth. I just love the story on how Skade was to marry Njord, you can read it here, so perfectly dramatized by the website "the norse gods". With all this said, Skadd isn't named Skade, is she? Skade was of course taken, and after probably hours of changing skin colour, face, hair style and so on, I tried different versions of Skade, but they were all taken, and suddenly, before I knew it, I had a Orc Shaman called Skadd... Skadd isn't really a very good name as it doesn't sound female at all, and in norwegian it means that you are hurt or wounded, still I would never change it! Skadd has been the same all these years, she tried out one different haircut once, but it didn't work for her, so she'll probably always stay the same <3

Skadd is in all ways my number one character, the funny thing is, that even so, I have never really enjoyed playing a shaman... To be honost I think it is difficult, and I have struggled alot with Skadd, this probably reflects in her personality aswel. Skadd is a fighter and a hard working orc, struggeling to convince the world to make some room for her too. She is thorough and persistent, when her mind is set on something she rarely gives up. She can work for days, weeks and months to get that reputation up to exalted or to get that one pet she just have to have! 

Skadd is a herbalist and alchemyst, she always has been, but her passion is not in her proffesions, although they are all always well tended. Her big passion is in collecting mounts and pets, I can't really remember, but before Mists of Pandaria was released she had almost 90 mounts, and that is something she is really proud of! Her biggest achievement when it comes to mounts is when she got the Headless Horseman's Mount under the Hallow's End event in 2010, it is still her all time favourite mount, she never gets tired of it!

with Scarlet Monastery in the back

It is very difficult to mention just one achievement Skadd has done that she is proud of. There are so many, all the mounts, pets and exalted she has collected is just one bit of it all! I will just post some pictures of a selection of her achievements here.

Most wanted achievements: the Loremaster


Most wanted title: the Insane


Skadd celebrating her first Winter Veil in 2008

Skadd (with her only different haircut, ever) looking out at the Veiled Sea 
from the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale

 Skadd the dragon slayer? Barely... Big thanks to my brother in law for taking me with him, 
to see Onyxia ;)

 Skadd loves her heavy metal, just like me! At a L70ETC consert in Shattrath City

Skadd with her big hero and the only true warchief of the Horde, Thrall!

 Orcs can be cute too! Wearing a Lovely Rose during the Love is in the Air event.

So proud when she finally saved up the money for this beauty! Mechano-Hog

Born: early September 2008
Reached level 85: 14. december 2010
Number of mounts: 105
Favorite mount: Headless Horseman's Mount
Number of unique companions: 203
Favorite companion: Impossible to say!
Proffesions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Favorite zone: Nagrand
Number of deaths: 780
Number of hugs: 129
Number of quests completed: 5230
Total factions encountered: 72
Factions at exalted: 29
Biggest idol: Thrall <3 

Skadd is wearing:
Head - Frost Witch's Faceguard sold by vendors for 1100 Justice Points
Chest - Cuttlefish Scale Breastplate, sold by vendors - requires honored with the Kalu'ak
Shirt - Brown Linen Shirt - made by tailors
Hands - Craggy Handgrips, obtained from a lvl 34 Desolace quest - Cleansing our Crevasse
Waist - Southfury Belt - BoE world drop, requires lvl 78
Legs - Scales of the Beast - BoE world drop, requires lvl 66
Feet - Tsunami Boots - made by leatherworkers, requires lvl 80
Axe - Notched Cobalt War Axe - made by blacksmiths, requires lvl 73
Axe - Bone Cleaver - BoE world drop, requires lvl 70

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