Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Lunar Festival!

I know Lunar Festival soon is over, but I had to mention it anyways! This is my first group shot of my characters, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out! This is not all my characters and there's even a bank char represented here, but it works!

Lunar Festival is the Chinese New Year in World of Warcraft, and it's all about honoring the Elders of Azeroth, if you complete the whole To Honor One's Elders achievement chain, you get the title <Elder Name>, of my characters there is only my main Skadd that has done them all. I wasn't playing in january last year, so I had to get the pets this year, so they are all new to me! Niht had quite the job getting the alliance version of the lantern, with the slowest flying and just turned 68 so she could sneak around Northrend for the last few coins she needed.

Festival Lantern is the horde version, while Lunar Lantern is the alliance version

I'd like to show you a close up of all the beautiful suits and dresses you can buy for Coins of Ancestry which you get by honoring your Elders during Lunar Festival. They can all be bought for 5 coins each from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade. Except for the red dress and the red suit which are both made by tailoring, the patterns for these can also be bought in Moonglade for 5 coins each during Lunar Festival by the other vendor, Fariel Starsong.

This is my bank char Ulvhedin, wearing the Festival Suit, made by tailors from this pattern, and the ultimate bank char accesorize the Noble's Monocle, which has a small chance of dropping from the Bag of Fishing Treasures (reward from the Outland fishing dailys)

Nhell the Paladin is wearing the Festive Pink Dress and some Simple Wildflowers, obtainable from various vendors

Ahdri the Hunter in the Festive Green Dress, matching her beautiful eyes

Ahgony the Warlock with the Festive Teal Pant Suit and a firecracker (Thermostatic Egg Timer obtained from Rescue OOX-17/TN! a lvl 48 Tanaris quest)

Bestla the Death Knight is wearing her own handcrafted Festival Dress, made from this pattern. She is also holding a Red Rose, obtainable from various vendors.

My main char, Skadd the Shaman, with the Festive Black Pant Suit and a Bouquet of Ebon Roses which has a small chance of dropping from a few dungeon bosses during the Love is in the Air event

Niht the Mage in her Festive Purple Dress

Audhumbla the Druid is wearing the Festive Blue Pant Suit and holding the Eerie Stable Lantern which drops in Shadowfang Keep

So a happy Lunar Festival to all of you! Enjoy the last few days of Firecrackers and Fireworks!

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