Friday, February 1, 2013

Mistyreed Cloth

The Mistyreed Cloth set is a great druid-lookish set, except it is all cloth, so no use for transmogrification I guess, but it's still a very pretty set maybe for a «nature child» priest or mage? Anyway I'm letting my druid Audhumbla show you this set.

Audhumbla with her beloved Bloodhoof Village seen in the background

This is another BoE world drop set, so the Auction House is the place to look out for this set (yes, I spend alot of time window shopping at the AH). The required level for this set is 64, except for the off-hand torch which requires level 62. A robe that goes perfectly with this set is the Willow Robe and a recolored version is the Consortium Regalia, partly shown by my mage Niht in her character presentation.

Shoulder - Mistyreed Shoulderpads
Chest - Mistyreed Tunic
Wrist - Mistyreed Bracers
Hands - Mistyreed Gloves
Waist - Mistyreed Belt
Legs - Mistyreed Pants
Feet - Mistyreed Boots
Off-hand - Mistyreed Torch

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