Friday, April 19, 2013

Hyperion Plate

I think the Hyperion Plate set is one of the most beautiful sets in the whole game! It's got such gorgeous patterns, colours and details, just look at the linings at the upper arms! Amazing! Since this is a plate set, not all classes can wear this set, in fact, only warriors, paladins and death knights can... That's a shame. That is also why my paladin Nhell is showing this particular set. This whole set is BoE world drop, that means you'd probably have to go shopping at the Auction House, I highly recommend an addon like Auctionator, so you can make yourself a shopping list and regulary look for these items, for they are not gonna go cheap, but you could be in luck! The level range on this set is from level 55-60 and it includes no weapons but a shield (that I don't think match at all...)

These 2 pictures shows the whole, complete set:
Head - Hyperion Helm
Shoulders - Hyperion Pauldrons
Chest - Hyperion Armor
Wrist - Hyperion Vambraces
Hands - Hyperion Gauntles
Waist - Hyperion Girdle
Legs - Hyperion Legplates
Feet - Hyperion Greaves
Shield - Hyperion Shield

In these 3 pictuers I have removed the helmet and shield as I don't think they look good and added a beautiful sword instead, the Fel Iron Greatsword, that blacksmiths make, what I would really love for her to have with this set is the Blade of the Titans, thats also a BoE world drop, but I haven't been able to get it for her yet...

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