Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love is (still) in the air!

My boyfriend's druid Bommlibom and my shaman Skadd on a romantic picnic 
(picnic) at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest, probably one of the 
most beautiful places in Pandaria

I know I am ridicilously late with this post, but I did take the screenshots during the Love is in the air event, and I don't want to let them go to waste, and besides I think love always is in the air! ;)
As most know, love is in the air is the ingame world event that represent the real life valentine's day, this event lasts for about two weeks and gives us quests, daily's, a temporarly boss - boss and lots of goodies to obtain! There is two mounts, the Big Love Rocket and the Swift Lovebird, and two pets, the always so charming Peddlefeet and the Toxic Wasteling! In addition to all this there is so much fashion to obtain, just have a look:

Skadd is wearing the Lovely Black Dress, which is one out of four dresses that drops from the Lovely Dress Box that can be bought with Love Tokens from one of the Lovely Merchants during this event. She is also holding her Bouquet of Red Roses that has a small chance of dropping from a various of dungeon bosses during the Love is in the Air event. As far as I know these are the only flowers obtainable for horde with this apperance.

Bommlibom, my boyfriend's druid's outfit has nothing to do with this event, but he had to get dressed up for his big date! He is wearing the Tuxedo set made by tailors; Tuxedo Jacket, Tuxedo Pants and Tuxedo Shirt. He is also wearing a couple of highly valued bank character items; the Noble's Monocle and the Antique Silver Cufflinks, they are both great looking lvl 1 (may be worn by anyone) items that have a vary small chance (about 1,3%) of dropping from the Outland fishing daily's, handed to you by the legendary Old Man Barlo!

Next couple out are these adorable goblins! This is my warlock Ahgony and my boyfriend's warrior Hoggorm taking the love boat ride in Undercity, sooo romantic!

Ahgony is wearing the Lovely Purple Dress and Hoggorm is wearing the Purple Dinner Suit, they are both also wearing the Lovely Rose, which is a buff (not an item) that will last for one hour(?). There is an item-version of this, the Forever-Lovely Rose, which has a tiny tiny (0,4%) chance of dropping from Apothecary Hummel, the event boss... This buff/item looks different on males and females as you can see in the pictures, I would absolutly LOVE to have the forever-lasting version of this rose, it is so good-looking!

Our lovely draeneis on a dinner date at the cozy Pig and Whistle Tavern in Old Town in Stormwind City. My paladin Nhell and my boyfriend's hunter Rumpespark (translates to Kickass).

Nhell is wearing the Lovely Red Dress while Rumpespark is wearing the Red Dinner Suit. Nhell is also holding a Red Rose, that Rumpespark bought from florist Bernard Gump (it can also be bought from various other vendors, at all times).

Our last couple is also the cutest I think; my boyfriend's priest Bombini have invited my monk Shanxi on a very romantic night time picnic in his homeland Mulgore, she is all giggled up!

Bombini is wearing the Blue Dinner Suit and Shanxi is wearing her Lovely Blue Dress, she even dyed her hair blue to match the dress, I added the day time screenshot just to show the true colour of the dress. They look so young and shy, they are just so cute, what a match!

I have to give my boyfriend a big thanks for letting me dress up his characters, it's so much more fun showing off this fashion with actual couples <3

Holding hands under the starry skies, looking over to Thunder Bluff, while he tells her all about his homeland <3

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