Monday, April 15, 2013


Nhell the Noble presenting the Noblegarden fashion to you, also showing off the two vanity items of this event the Swift Springstrider and the Spring Rabbit!

Noblegarden is World of Warcraft's pink, egg hunting, Easter event! It is an easy-going event without the big quests/bosses/goodies, but it is a really fun event and an easy way to get the title for your low level characters. I think <the Noble> title is a really good title! I personally do not like the fact that titles went account-wide in MoP, I think the character that earned the title should be the only one to wear it. I did all the Noblegarden achievements on Nhell this year, so she can be called Nhell the Noble (sounds so good!), even though Skadd got the title back in 2009. Since Nhell worked the Noblegarden event this year I thought she should show you all the obtainable fashion it brings:

Starting off with the beautiful pink elegant dress, which you can buy from the Noblegarden Vendor or Merchant for 50 Noblegarden Chocolate's. One Chocolate drops from every Brightly Colored Egg you loot, which you can find hidden in the starting areas around Azeroth. The eggs sometimes drops some of the vanity items instead of the chocolate, like the various dresses or even the companion or mount! So it's all about finding and picking up those egg's! Nhell is also wearing the Spring Circlet (50 chocolate's), the Spring Flowers (50 chocolate's) and the Egg Basket (rewarded from a Noblegarden quest - A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket).

This is the second dress of this event, the Spring Robes (50 chocolate's), it is also needed to complete the Desert Rose achievement. Nhell is wearing the same Spring Flowers as before and now the Black Spring Circlet, which don't dropp from the egg itself, you have to buy is for 50 chocolate's.

The last outfit is for the male characters I guess, but I think Nhell looks rather good in this! She is wearing the White Tuxedo Shirt and the Black Tuxedo Pants, she is also wearing the Pink Spring Circlet here, which just as the black one you have to buy for 50 chocolate's.

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