Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sin'dorei Ranger

The blood elves (the Sin'dorei) are well known for their excellent ranger's, here is a very nice transmog set to make you look like one! It is based on the Glimmering Mail set with a few additions, some more spectacular shoulders would have been nice, but I couldn't find any good mail options. A better head item would also have been nice, but I really just wanted a circlet or so, so that the hair shows, these goggles were my best find, even if they have a bit more bronze look rather than gold like the rest of the set. Sadly you have to be an engineer to use them.

The bow is one of the nicest bow in the game, at least that's not that hard to obtain! It's also the only one ingame with this apperance (as I know of)

Ahdri is wearing:
Head - Truesight Ice Blinders, BoP, crafted by engineers
Shoulder - Glimmering Mail Pauldrons, BoE world drop
Chest - Glimmering Mail Breastplate, BoE world drop
Wrist - Glimmering Mail Bracers, BoE world drop
Hands - Glimmering Mail Gauntles, BoE world drop
Waist - Glimmering Mail Girdle, BoE world drop
Legs - Glimmering Mail Legguards, BoE world drop
Feet - Glimmering Mail Greaves, BoE world drop
Back - Careful Coverings, BoP, obtained from a Un'Goro crater quest (A tale of two shovels)
Bow - Skyfire Hawk Bow, BoP, drops from Warbringer O'mrogg (24% droprate) in Shattered Halls

The whole Glimmering Mail set is BoE world drop, that means that the Auction House is the best way to get this set, spend some time and watch the prices, because it has become quite expensive since transmog appeared. If you are 80+ the bow is very easy to obtain as it drops in a lvl 65-70 instance, both on normal and heroic mode, the droprate is really good too (ca 24%), it's gonna take a while though (if you don't get it at your first try), since Warbringer O'mrogg that drops it is the second last boss...  As for the cloak, there is a couple of options to get an identical one if you have already done the quest or if you don't care to take the time to do the quest (it is part of a longer quest line, but still rather quick to get done). The Insignia Cloak is a BoE world drop that you could hope to find in the Auction House, the same goes for the Elementalist Cloak.

At last I just wanted to show you the complete Glimmering Mail set with no additions, this is with the right head-piece, the Glimmering Mail Coif.

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