Sunday, May 12, 2013

Strange World; the dino crate in Netherstorm and the lost ship in the Twisting Nether

Netherstorm in Outland is kind off a strange place itself, with the gigantic domes, Area 52 and all the dinosaurs! But I want to show you two other strange things in this zone:

Isn't it awesome?! A crate formed as a dinosaur, when seen from above! 

The location of the dinosaur crate shown on the map of Netherstorm

The Twisting Nether is the nowhere-zone all around Outland, and if you wanna fly from Hellfire Peninsula to Netherstorm, you're flying right through it, right through nothing! There isn't even a map when you have entered the Twisting Nether, but it isn't entirely empty actually...

A map of Outland surrounded by the Twisting Nether

A lost ship in the middle of nowhere, 
how on earth, I mean how on Azeroth did that end up out here? 

The easiest way to find the lost ship is to fly out from Kirin'Var Village

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