Friday, December 27, 2013

Lucky Girl!

I think my hunter have used all her luck for some time, today!
Yesterday I was in Mount Hyjal doing some pet battles, and as always when I'm there I have to check if Terrorpene is up, as he is one of the coolest hunter pets in this game, and the only turtle I really want on my hunter, and I really need a turtle for tanking (using Sgt. Pepper, a scarab beetle at the moment). As usual I had no luck, couldn't see him anywhere, I read up on him (again!) and did som pet battles just in case, but he was nowhere to be seen (with a estimated spawn time of 6-12 hours it's no wonder why), but I also noticed there where no other hunters around (usually I see 2-3 other hunters hanging around, hoping to get the chance to tame him). This morning when I woke up, I had to log right back in, just in case (compulsive, no not me!), and there he was!!! Right below me, I had no time to look for other hunters or to think, I just landed my mount and startet taming, and now he is mine!!! I'm so lucky! <3

He is so gorgeous I just had to name him Precious!

And! Later, the same day I was doing some pet battles (again), in Pandaria, when I killed a random mob (I think it was a Virmen of some kind), just because it was in my way, it actually dropped Chief Engineer Jard's Journal!!! According to Wowhead it has a VERY low drop rate (0.9%). This Journal contains 5 engineering recipes; two companions, Pierre and Rascal-Bot (which is incredible cute), AND a recipe for the amazingly Sky Golem mount! All excitement put aside, it's gonna take me at least 30 days to make a Sky Golem since it takes 30 Jard's Peculiar Energy Sources, and I can only make one every 24 hours… It is SO gonna be worth the wait! And I know one boyfriend who is gonna be sooo pleased <3