Thursday, December 26, 2013

Strange World; War of the Critters

Sometimes, flying around Azeroth, you vitness the most peculiar things… When you are flying from Thunder Bluff to Stonetalon Mountain or Desolace, you might spot a sight that makes you look twice and maybe even pinch your arm to be sure you aren't dreaming, it's just that surreal! In the north eastern corner of Mulgore there's a plateau called Stonetalon Pass, and the critters that live there are at war. Yes, they really are at war! And I don't mean that they are just chasing eachother around, wel, thay are doing that aswel, but now and then they grow bigger and they get some interessting war accesorizes…

You can see Thunder Bluff from the plateau 


 Prairie Dogs


Just look at that size! A normal sized Prairie Dog to the right...

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