Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Strange world; the Whispering Forest

I think this is one of the biggest ingame secrets/strange places in World of Warcraft right now, and if you haven't been there yet, you should travel there immediately! I can't promise you will witness the spectacular sight at your first visit, but it's worth coming back once in a while to see if things are happening…

The Whispering Forest is located in Tirisfal Glades in Eastern Kingdoms, just west for Deathknell, the Undead starting area, and you need to use a flying mount to get there. On the map this just looks like a mountain area with a lake, but when you arrive there is a small forest with mobs of level 80 + (although Tirisfal Glades is a level 1-10 zone). The mobs here are Tirisfal Stags, plague-infected Tirisfal Does and Tirisfal Fawns and a plagued bear. There is also critters/battle pets like rats and bats here.

Deathknell behind me, looking into the Whispering Forest

Stags, Does and Fawns live in the Whispering Forest

The lake visible on the zone map is also here, but it is nameless. On a small Island there is a small fishing camp with amazing details, the poor angler is reduced to bones, apparently stabbed in a private area…

On the bottom of the lake there is a crashed plane with a gnome skeleton next to it.

But the reason to visit the Whispering Forest, is the fairy ring. A circle of big white, glowing mushrooms, they are fascinating on their own, but if you hang around for a while there might spawn a Fey-Drunk Darter near the circle, one by one they will spawn until they are seven, surrounding the Fairy Ring. I think there is about 20-45 minutes between each spawn, so this will take some time! When they have all arrived they flutter around for some time, then they suddenly gather around the circle and the magic begins! I think the time from when they have all spawned until the ceremony begins may vary, the first time I witnessed it, it took about an hour.

 The first Fey-Drunk Darter has arrived

Just fluttering around

Gathering around the Fairy Ring

And then the magic starts!

The music is magically beautiful, and the animated notes insinuate that they are singing 

The forest animals are gathering around

And then it's all over…

The whole event ends abruptly after maybe 2-3 minutes, the Darters fly off and despawn, the forest animals wanders back into the forest and everything goes back to it's quiet, normal self…

I think this is one of those small things that make World of Warcraft such an amazing experience, this is what makes me wanna stay in Azeroth, even after many years! And I think everyone that is playing WoW, should seek out events like this, because it is pure digital magic!

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