Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dusky Shadow Priest

A shadow priest often deals in shady businesses, and that is why I think this dusky transmog set is a good fit for my priest Rahda. The whole thing started with me trying to make a transmog out of the different items she actually had in her bank, which I have been collecting for her over time. And of course the whole thing ended with me doing some long, low level quest chains and spending some honor points to get it all done. Rahda is acompanied by her lovely shady Dark Phoenix Hatchling, and of course she is in one of my all time favorite zones - Duskwood!

Rahda is wearing:
Head - Mammoth-Hair Crown, BoE drop from the rare Icehorn in Borean Tundra
Shoulders - Vengeful Gladiator's Mooncloth Mantle, BoP, sold by Kezzik the Striker for 750 honor points (PRIEST only)
Chest - Demonweave Raiment, BoE drop from the rare Mekthorg the Wild in Hellfire Peninsula
Wrist - Bracers of Safe Keeping, BoP, reward from the quest The Doomstone
Hands - Gloves of the High Magus, BoP, reward from the quest News of Victory
Waist - Ghamoo-Ra's Bind, BoP drop from Ghamoo-Ra in Blackfathom Deeps
Legs - Speedbarge Leggings, BoP, reward from the quest Circle the Wagons... er, Boats
Feet - Sinister Area 52 Boots, BoP, reward from the quest Breaking down Netherrock 
Back - Dusk-Stained Cloak, BoP, reward from the quest Knowledge in the Deeps 

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