Sunday, August 10, 2014

New server, new names

When I started playing, the people I knew that was playing, was on a pvp-server, so naturally I joined them there, and I built my little alt army there as well. But I'm no pvp'er! I can stand the occational world pvp, but the ganking and beeing followed around not beeing able to quest or nothing, I just hate it so much. So I decided to relocate to a pve-server, and over some time I have finally managed to get all my hordies on one pve-server, and soon all mye allies will be on one pve-server too. It is so undescribable relaxing to be on a pve-server, I love it! The sad thing is I couldn't keep the names on all my characters (this is also the reason I waited so long to do this), so there's been some changes:

Skadd is now Skaadd the Shaman, which in my head is pronounced the same. Skaadd was the hardest for me to rename, as she is my first character and have almost no changes done to her over the years... Double A in norwegian is the same as our letter Å, so norwegians could easy read her name as Skådd, in my dialect skådde means mist or fog, so I can live with that. I think.

Ahgony is now Pixxii the Warlock, a name change I wanted anyways as I think Ahgony is a bit dramatic. The only reason she was named Ahgony in the first place was to match my sisters warlock called Pain, Pain and Ahgony isn't that sweet? But Pain has now also been moved and isn't even horde anymore (shame on you sister!)

Audhumbla is now Audumbla the Druid, and that is no big deal since both names are used on the norse cow.

Bestla is now Rind the Death Knight, I switched from one great norse name to another great norse name, but I still think Bestla is best fit for a Death Knight.

Ahdri, Rahda (originally wanted Rada), Nhell (originally wanted Nell), Wednsday and the rest got to keep their names.

The name changes didn't go all smoothly, luckily the GM's fixed it for me! 

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